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Andrew Schneiderman is a litigator who focuses his practice in the areas of consumer litigation, class action litigation, insurance coverage …

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Hinshaw Obtains Major Win for Passive Debt Buyer Before Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court

Hinshaw secured a major victory last week before the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court on behalf of passive debt buyers. At issue was whether LVNV Funding, LLC was operating as an unlicensed debt collector in Massachusetts. Passive debt buyers are investors who purchase debt, and then hire debt collectors to collect the debt on their behalf. The passive debt buyer takes no action in furtherance of the collection of debt it owns, and never has any contact with any debtor. More ›

Maine Ups the Ante on Debt Collection Licensing

The State of Maine recently enacted legislation that greatly expands those entities required to obtain a debt collection license. Previously, a debt collector needed to obtain a license if it was attempting to collect a debt incurred by a Maine resident to a Maine creditor. A debt collector also needed a license if it engaged in the "face-to-face" solicitation of creditor clients in Maine. These conditions have now been expanded. More ›

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